Elite Training, for Elite Results!

Recognized as one of the top trainers in the country, Sean Everingham's experience as a trainer pushes nearly 30,000 sessions conducted with clients having a plethora of different body types, experience levels and goals. Sean's experience includes everything from being a competitive athlete and natural bodybuilder himself to having numerous internationally accredited training certifications to working with other top trainers at some of the most prestigious fitness centres across North America.

What this means for Sean's clients is that he knows what it takes to push the body and mind of each individual. He knows what it takes to unleash each person's potential; and while respecting the boundaries of each individual's physical and mental limits, he knows what it takes to achieve maximum results.

The results speak for themselves – from clients that have achieved dramatic weight loss to clients who have won national and international fitness competitions to clients who have appeared in the pages or covers of some of the biggest fitness magazines, Sean helps coach his clients to achieve their very best and always goes the extra mile to ensure their success.

Now Accepting Online Clients With Our New Streamlined Online Training System!

More and more, I am finding that clients from across the continent and even from overseas are becoming interested in my services after seeing the dramatic results and successes of my Elite Team members. Many of these people aren't able to come and meet with me in person for training so, as this segment of clientele continues to grow, I have streamlined the process for becoming an online client with easy to use instructions including a brief questionnaire and easy payment instructions as well as the addition of some additional benefits of the online training program. As always, it is important to note that online training requires lots of commitment on the part of the client as there is no trainer to babysit them in person or hold them accountable to an appointment. Clients WILL be accountable for their results each week however through weekly logs and picture assessments every 4 weeks. Online training is for people with a strong desire to succeed and with that desire and commitment, I am very confident that extraordinary results will be achieved!

Also in the works is a new members portal where many different exercises and additional content will be made available. For more information about our online training options, click HERE.