Fitness/Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

"A few members of Elite Team strike a pose alongside trainer, Sean Everingham after earning 3 trophies at an international fitness competition."

Do you aspire to make it onto the contest stage for the first time? Are you a current competitor looking to take your physique to the next level? We at EFTS can help you reach your goal of achieving your best physique possible in order to achieve success in your fitness competition endeavours. It has been shown in the industry that the most successful competitors always have a competition trainer from top amateurs all the way to Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger and the current reigning champion. In fact, all of the top athletes in the world from every sport use trainers and coaches. The advantage of a trainer in preparing for a competition is to give you an objective view of your progress and to ensure you are working at an intensity that produces results, not overtraining. A competition trainer is extremely knowledeable in the aspects of proper nutrition in order to preserve muscle while shaving off bodyfat and designing programs that detail the muscles to their maximum potential.

Elite Fitness Training Systems' lead contest specialist is Sean Everingham. Sean is an active bodybuilding competitor who has won the MuscleMania Canadian Junior Bodybuilding Championship and most recently finished in the top 5 in the heavyweight division of the WBFF World Championships and top 3 in the INBF Tri-State Championships. He has been featured in Inside Fitness Magazine and Xtreme Lifestyle Magazine and is a certified Optimal Performance and Bodybuilding/Fitness Specialist from the International Fitness Professionals Association, a distinction that very few trainers hold. Furthermore, he is certified by the American Council on Exercise and is recognized by the largest fitness and health organization in the world, IDEA as an Elite Personal Fitness Trainer. Sean was also recognized as a top finisher in Canada in the 2000 Body-for-LIFE Challege. You can read more about Sean in his personal profile. Most importantly, Sean has helped his clients achieve amazing success in the fitness industry. Sean's record stands as one of the most successful competition records in the industry in terms of competitor placings. He has also trained professional fitness models who have went on to grace the pages of several magazines.

We can work with competitors in the following areas:

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*All competitors receive an Elite Team t-shirt to proudly display at competition. Top competitors and those who compete in more than 2 shows as part of the Elite Team receive an Elite Team warmup suit!