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Elite Fitness Training Systems has moved to focus mainly on bodybuilders and fitness athletes (or those looking for similar goals) for our online packages as we feel that it is mainly this group of clientele that would benefit most from online programming. These programs are designed for those that would like to enlist the expertise and knowledge of a top contest training specialist, but are unable to come to our facility for 1-on-1 training on a regular basis, or not at all. We have worked with clients from all over Canada, the USA and internationally and have helped them achieve fantastic results, including top placings in a variety of organizations including UFE (Open, Elite and PRO levels), CBBF, NPC (State and National levels), MuscleMania/Fitness America and others

To best service you, we will begin with an initial in-person or telephone/email consultation to establish your current level of fitness and your goals. We will then work together to set out an appropriate course of action to ensure that these goals are met, including appropriate length of program and nutritional/training/supplement strategies.

Fitness/Bodybuilding Competition Standard Packages

Each package includes complete workouts (including cardiovascular programming) for all phases of the program, complete nutritional programs and supplement guidance for all phases of the program, physique assessments at 4 week intervals and a 1/2 hour consultation at each 4 week interval.  If needed, carb depletion/loading, water loading/depletion and supplement protocols  for the last week of contest prep are included.

Fitness/Bodybuilding Competition Advanced Packages

Each program includes the all the features of the standard package above, plus 1 personal training session at every 4 week interval to ensure proper form and proper intensity of exercises.

Monthly Retainer Package –
only 30 clients accepted at one time

The monthly retainer package is perfect for a bodybuilder or fitness competitor (or aspiring competitor) who is looking for a foundational or off-season program.  In addition, this would be the perfect program for an intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiast simply wanting to ensure they look and feel their best, even if their goal is not to compete.  The monthly retainer program offers clients the lowest cost model for training while still benefitting from the guidance and expertise of a top industry trainer – so if you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, then let’s get at it! Currently only 30 clients at one time are accepted in order to ensure proper attention is paid to each one, so contact us now to get your spot.  The monthly retainer package includes the following:

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