Sean works with clients in 1-on-1 and small group settings at Planet Workout, 3345 Laird Road in Mississauga, Ontario.  Availability is from 7am-1pm Monday through Saturday.  While online training is a great way to reach your goals and benefit from Sean’s experience and knowledge, the additional benefits of in person 1-on-1 training include: 1-on-1 personal training rates are listed on a per session basis.  Rates are incentivized based on the number of sessions purchased at once and paid in full: Semi-private and group personal training sessions are welcomed for those who would like to train together and have similar goals (ie: women or men preparing for the same category in a fitness competition).  Group sessions are fun and can offer additional motivation as some people feed off the energy of their peers.  Session prices are based on a 1 hour session per person. If you are interested in working with Sean and would like to know more, complimentary consultations are offered in which you are assessed on your present physical shape, goals are discussed and together, timelines and the appropriate course of action is established in order to reach your goals.  To set up a consultation, email info@eftstraining.com.

*For those who cannot train at our facility, we offer online services to help you reach your goals as well. Simply click the Online Services icon on our homepage for a list of our offerings.