Why Train With EFTS


We are athletes ourselves and understand from a personal experience what it takes to achieve results. In addition, we have worked with clients from nearly every background with a plethora of different body types, experience levels and goals. No matter what your goals are and what your current physical condition is, chances are we've worked with other clients just like you. Most importantly, we have achieved results for our clients time and time again whether it's a client who was looking to regain confidence through a dramatic physique transformation or a fitness competitor looking to take themselves to the highest level in the sport.


It seems there are hundreds of people who have achieved some great results with their own physique and have perhaps competed in a show or two and have decided that it's time to call themselves a personal trainer. However, while being an athlete gives a person perspective, it does not translate into making someone a good coach or a knowledgeable trainer. Coaching, takes experience, education and mentoring, something that lead trainer, Sean Everingham is unmatched in. In addition to having a university background in kinesiology, Sean holds multiple certifications from some of the top certifying bodies in the world, including specialty certifications (such as IFPA Certified Bodybuilding Instructor), that few other trainers in the industry hold. Sean has also been recognized by one of the biggest fitness organizations in the world, IDEA as an Elite level trainer. He has also completed a government recognized national coaching certification. In addition to his credentials, Sean has shadowed, worked with and been mentored by some of the top personal trainers in the world and has taken knowledge and advice from each one to help create his own unique style. So while Sean has achieved his own incredible results, he also has a complete understanding of training methodology, training/sport psychology and coaching/motivational techniques in order to fully benefit clients of all sorts of backgrounds and with various goals.

Results, Results, Results!

Very little speaks to a client quite like the results they can see with their own two eyes and that's where we've excelled the most! Sean's results have ranged from client weight loss of 100 pounds to a client who got in the best shape to compete in her first show at 50 years old (and come second!) to clients who have graced the pages (and even the cover) of some of the biggest fitness magazines in the country! Marilyne has worked with all kinds of different women, including shy, meek women on their posing and presentation and helped them display their physiques and personalities masterfully and with confidence on stage, helping them earn top placings in competition. We have proven results for our clients, not once or twice, but hundreds of times over the course of years. We are passionate about working with people to take them to incredible levels of fitness and help them achieve unbelievable results!

Feel free to explore the services we have or you may contact us to set up a complimentary consultation and begin your journey to your healthiest and most vibrant self!